Bridezillas – Do they really exist?

IMG_5866You’ve heard the horror stories: Beautiful young women turn into “monsters” as their wedding day approaches.  So are Bridezillas a myth or a real wedding nightmare?  We here at Westside tend to think Bridezillas aren’t reality. Brides are no different than any other type of client.  They want to be heard!  As wedding vendors, it is our job to make sure that we execute the vision our clients are looking for.  Most of the time it requires just one skillset and that is something called “Active Listening”.  It’s simply a way of listening and responding that improves mutual understanding!  That’s why we don’t do our business on Westside just via email.  We love to meet face-to-face with our clients, we love to Skype and we love to chat on the phone!
IMG_5863One of our brides recently was the antithesis of a “Bridezilla”. In fact, Laura was just one cool, calm and FUN bride! She spent more time in our photo booth than most brides. She loved the props, she loved hamming it up with her guests in the booth and we loved the fact that she was never ready for the picture!  Laura and Cody’s reception at the Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April was perfection because it was memorable. And the location?  Not so bad either.   Check out the video and some fun pics!

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