Beware of the two hour Photo Booth rental

Westside Photo Booths prides itself on the overall experience that we provide for our clients. We are much more than the pictures we take as we see ourselves as part of an event’s entertainment!  Perhaps most importantly, we know precisely how to make sure your guests have a great time while capturing memories that last a lifetime.

Our friend and event professional Rick Brewer just penned an article that talks about the value of hiring a great Photo Booth company.

It’s worth the 5 minute read.  Enjoy!

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As a newly engaged bride, you have many options for your wedding. If you’re like most brides, you have probably never purchased these things before, at least not to this extent. One of the newer items that has become a mainstay in the past 5 or so years are Photo Booth rentals.

When Photo booths first came into the industry, what you saw were mostly similar to the big box types you would see at a carnival or a mall. Today, the choices are much more complex and offer a wide range of choices including posting to social media. With this wide range of choices there also arrives a sub set of “do it yourself” operators who do not offer the same value, but sell themselves as the same quality or “close enough”.

One of the main things that a wedding couple looks for first is the cost or the investment you will need to make to have a photo booth rental at your wedding. As you may have found already there are many different levels to pricing and service offered. Here are three things you need to be aware of so you can get the best possible
photo booth for your wedding.

  1. The two hour rental. You have probably never been to a 2 hour wedding reception before. Reason why; they are very few and very far in between. Most wedding receptions tend to go between 4-5 hours. Photo booth companies who offer a two hour rental will then be subjected to a couple of outcomes; 1) shutting down andtearing down their equipment when yoru reception is at the height of fun and the line for the photo booth is longest 2) forcing you to stop your fun and cough up more money in the middle of your fun. Either way, not the outcome you were hoping for. That is why I tell people that there really is not a two hour photo booth rental. Plan on getting the photo booth rental for at least 3 hours with most receptions going for 4 hours.
  2. Equipment. There is a difference between a professional booth and a “make it yourself” booth. With technology changing so rapidly and the cost of this technology coming down, there are some who will basically buy a camera, hook it up to their IPad and call themselves a photo booth. Fact is that some equipment costs a heck of a lot more and is something you should consider because of the final product. Let’s face it, you don’t need a photo booth to have a fantastic loving marriage, but to celebrate and get some great memories of your guests (nothing beats seeing pictures of your friends coming out of their shells and Grandma in oversized sun glasses and a feather boa) but if you are going to get one, you should get one that gives you and yourguests a great final product. Ask to know what the difference is and why it matters to you and your wedding.
  3. The people running the booth. Imagine you spend a bunch of money and the person running the booth is not involved, is cranky with your guests, or is simply not fun. Renting a photo booth is a fun thing and your wedding is a fun event. Some photo booth companies spend a lot of time and energy in training their photo booth attendants. Some just send a warm body with a pulse. You want to look for someone who has the consistent reviews of great performance so you and your guests can enjoy themselves and your true smiles will come out for your pictures.

RRick Brewerick Brewer is an expert in the area of the business of weddings and has been involved in the
wedding industry for over 24 years having worked as a wedding professional himself for over 300
weddings before going on to work with hundreds of wedding professionals across the country.

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