All photo booth companies are not created equally.

justmarriedAt Westside Photo Booths we believe in value.  All photo booth companies are not created equally.   You often get what you pay for!  Here are some questions to ask *before you make the hire.

Here are some of Westside’s answers!


  • Do you have sample pictures?
    We have tons of pics to share with you!   You can see the difference between a low budget photo booth and a quality photo booth just by looking at the product.   At Westside we take great pride in our pics.  That’s why we use the very best equipment available in our booths. We are always happy to show prospective clients our past work. We’re proud of what we do and we are more than happy to show you!     
  • Do you use a special type of camera?
    Yes we do!  We are very fond of Canon DSLR cameras.  Why?   We believe they offer crisp, clean and professional pictures.  You’ll look great, we promise!  And here’s a plus:  DSLR cameras are reliable! You don’t want your photo booth to malfunction and our Canons can be counted on! comic
  • What about your booth lighting?
    While the camera is critical,  you can’t forget to ask about the flash!  We like to say that guests in our photo booth look 10 years younger!  The “Fountain of Youth” is thanks to a high quality, professional flash.  Say cheese and watch what happens!  Your guests will never looked washed-out, dark or overexposed.
  • What about your printer?
    What good would a solid camera and flash be without a high-tech printer to deliver the product?    Our printers use dye sublimation technology. What does that mean?   It means your photos will be delivered in seconds, the print quality is top-of-the-line and the printing can continue all night long!
  • How many prints are included in the price?
    Our response?  As many as you want!  Our pictures are unlimited and we mean it!  Many photo booth companies will print out just two copies and anything additional will be at an additional cost.  At Westside if you have a dozen people in the booth, we will print out a copy for each and every person (and then some) if you so choose!   
  •  Do we get color choices?
    With Westside, you can step back in time, look vintage, or keep in real!   Your guests will be able to select color, black & white or sepia for their pics.
  • Will you customize strips for us or make us stick to a template?
    Every client is unique and we are determined to make your photo booth experience – one of a kind!  That’s why we love to give you the option to have personal touches on your photo strips.  If you have a logo, or a color, a theme or even just an idea – we will custom design a strip: JUST FOR YOU!  Did we mention this is included in the price?  
  • How many people fit in your booth?
    We really pack it in!   Our open photo booth can hold up to 15 people!   It’s a memory your guests won’t soon forget. 
  • What kind of props do you have and how do you display them?
    This is another thing that sets us apart from the other guys.  Our props are the coolest, classiest and most colorful. We display them beautifully and we make certain that yoububbleguyr prop table is never messy!  We believe in making sure our booth and everything that goes with it is clean, neat and fun!
  • Is set-up and tear-down included?
    You bet!   We arrive at your event early and with a smile.  And when the night is done,  we clean up and leave everything exactly as we found it.
  • Do you have someone working the booth during the event?
    We believe in OPTIMAL customer service so you won’t get just one Photo Booth Ambassador – you’ll get TWO!   Our Ambassadors are the best in the biz and that’s no exaggeration!   Our professionals are there to make sure everyone has a great time in the booth, with the props and at the memory book station.  Most photo booth companies send out only one worker.  That makes it tough to make sure everything is perfect!
  • Is there anything else included?
    When we say All-Inclusive:  All. The. Time….  We mean it!   Everything you can think of is included!  You’ll get a high-resolution memory stick to keep, forever.  We host an online gallery with all your fab pics.  And for your guests that want to share their photos right away?  We are social media friendly and your guests can send their pics wherever they like, before they even leave the booth!


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